Fresh air at Emmetex!

Andrea Grossi for Emmetex S/S 2022

For its S/S 2022 collection, Emmetex has decided to work alongside young designer Andrea Grossi, the finalist at the 35th edition of the Hyères Festival, where the company is a consolidated partner. After the event, the empathy between the two led to the decision to let Andrea work on part of the Delta book, the collection of Emmetex seasonal proposals, resulting in the “5UNSHINE” line. The inspiration is the exotic, vibrant colours of nature, with a particular focus on Indigo. The designer’s fresh style input has produced flamboyant, at times almost psychedelic, solutions: transparencies, bright trimmings, three-dimensional effects. For Emmetex “nature” stands first and foremost for respect, so the creative ability to retrieve and reuse its production waste. Andrea’s task was to find an unusual use for it: he succeeded by experimenting with previously unthinkable techniques and unusual combinations, with unexpected and pleasantly bold results.

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