Craft Shop

Presented by Lanificio Bottoli

The authentic flavour of ancient crafts, the repeated sound of skilful gestures, the smell of wood and iron of old instruments consumed by time. The scent of coffee, the light touch of flour, the crunchy sound of woven wicker threads. And then jute sacks, precious handmade objects, jars filled with aromatic spices. The small craft shops, with their precious heritage of memories and experiences, handed down from generation to generation, are the protagonists of this story dedicated to the equally precious fabrics by Lanificio Bottoli. Cashmere and merino wool in the colours of the fleece or dyed with logwood or coffee waste, for harmonious and natural effects, lend themselves to creations of innate elegance. The soft hands, the yielding textures and the simple motifs add value to virtuous materials in noble fibers and absolutely free of chemical dyes, respecting nature and ancient traditions. (Exclusive content for Superzoom)

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