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Winter flowers, tender and velvety buds that blossom early at dawn of a late spring. The long tail of the cold season doesn’t scare them: stubborn and reckless they challenge it like David with Goliath. Suddenly they spring up, stubborn, undeterred, regardless of the frost that surrounds them. And they resist. They persist as if nothing and no one could scratch them. Early in the morning, after long night frosts, small ice crystals cover their stems, their corollas, like white sugar on crunchy pastries. They hardly turn around, looking for some faint sunshine to appear among the black clouds. They have exuberant colours that contrast the white and gray that surround them and for this they win, announcing the wonder of a season of awakenings that is about to arrive. Like the Tintunita fabrics they accompany: light and sustainable silks with fluid surfaces and lively tones to be combined with confidence with enveloping wools and full-bodied textures to give a touch of spring to leaden winter days. (Exclusive content for Superzoom)

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