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Imagine preparing yourself for years for an undertaking that will mark your life. Imagine having a clear goal in mind and working every day, with effort and perseverance, to be able to achieve it. Imagine encountering obstacles and difficulties that slow you down but don’t break your resolve. And then, one day, imagine making it, reaching that peak you so wanted to conquer, planting your flag there and finally being able to say “I did it”. This story tells us about peaks, pristine places, benefit of a select few, supreme acme, symbol of everything we dream and yearn for and whose realization depends exclusively on us. Incredible landscapes, rarefied atmospheres, almost unnatural colours are what awaits us once we reach our destination. They are combined with the materials of the Lanificio dell’Olivo in RWS certified wool, OCS cotton and RCS and FSC blends. They have hands as soft as snow and nuanced patterns in the colours of ice, rocks and fiery sunsets at high altitudes. They are composed of traceable fibres of the highest quality and with low environmental impact, the result of work and constant commitment rewarded by incomparable results, just like the panoramas from the highest peaks. (Exclusive content for Superzoom)

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