Red light

Presented by Tintunita

Bathed in the lamp’s warm light, the colours in the room turn red. In that artificial sunset, the lovers move over tiny distances, voraciously searching for details to steal. With each light touch, poppies open under the skin and give it their same colour. Blind fingertips draw the boundaries within which colours, shades and landscapes make up the entire figure. Sharp and blurred shapes alternate, lights and shadows merge, while the warmth of a velvet-soft wind stirs the ruffled petals, emitting blunt sounds. Amongst crimson softness, the edges dovetail, disappearing into a single fluid whole, and under their spell, a fiery mist melts the pendulum. Tintunita proposes a loving and innocently provocative desire with the lightness of chiffon and organza, the refinement of jacquard and the delicacy of velvet. The numerous nuances speak their own elegant, seductive language of love. (Exclusive content for Superzoom)

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