Brand Identity

Mould visual identities.
Create new images.
Express ideas.

Superzoom Consulting curates the image of companies and brands. It works in research and artistic direction. It explores all contemporary expressive languages. It creates ad hoc visual projects in line with the company’s philosophy and heritage.

It creates content that enables the company to evolve at a symbolic, aesthetic and narrative level, expressing a new way of seeing the world.

It plans, develops and directs brand identity projects in the fashion system: lookbooks, campaigns, set designs, photo reports, websites and social media. It uses multiple, dynamic and versatile aesthetic languages. It proposes new ideas for exhibitions, shows and sector events.

It creates books, catalogues, customised trend research, and tactile book sections.

It translates stories into all-new images, putting authenticity at the heart of its research.


Visual research, image coordination,
photo reports

Websites, editorial plans for social media, regular newsletters

Archive enhancement

Ideas for shows and exhibitions

Books, catalogues, tactile books

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