Cadicagroup’s tasty
new collection

New Autumn/Winter 2023.24 collection unveiled at textile trade shows

Presented exclusively at the July 2022 editions of Première Vision Paris and Milano Unica, the new Autumn/Winter 2023.24 collection from Cadicagroup, created by Alejandro Espinosa Caballero, pays homage to ‘hunger’ and food. The creative director of Cadicagroup and A+A Design Studio considers hunger to be the source of all creativity, understood as the need for knowledge, the desire to meet one’s curiosity, and the need at the core of any research and invention. Based on this thinking, the brand’s latest collection features labels, patches, hang tags and accessories designed to explore the world of taste, food and hunger.

Four exclusive families share the task of representing the theme, each drawing inspiration from an international dish. Each piece is an ‘ingredient’ containing a whirl of colours, shapes and textures that are truly mouth-watering! The first line, EVERYDAY LIFE, pays homage to little everyday joys, like the smell of coffee or donuts on street corners, with accessories featuring buttery textures and neutral colours. SEA DREAMIN’ is all about the desire to escape reality and seek out the strength and tranquillity of the ocean, using pearly tones and shades of blue.

The third theme represents the value of the moment: SAFETY/SECURITY has an industrial feel, with neon tints and metallic or concrete effects inspired by the world of work. Finally, PAST VS FUTURE offers ’80s-style bright colours and iridescent textures, exploring the theme of retro-futurism, i.e. nostalgia meets science and technology, where what is virtual today will be tomorrow’s reality. One last ingredient adds flavour to the collection: Cadicagroup‘s commitment to sustainability, which is seen in new studies for materials and solutions that can meet the requirements for customisation and environmental respect increasingly demanded by customers.

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