Emmetex: the art of papyrus
with “DeserticA”

Innovation and sustainability in textile labelling

Emmetex, which specialises in labelling for high-end and refined brands, surprises us once again with a project based on sustainability and high quality craftsmanship. In this innovative proposal, Emmetex has worked alongside one of the few craft enterprises in the world that handles the entire papyrus paper production cycle, from cultivation to processing and packaging. The end result is an extraordinary papyrus hang tag that is completely natural and free from chemicals, and is now part of the “DeserticA” collection. To preserve this papyrus’s natural beauty, a laser process was used to enhance the material’s semi-transparent fibre.

The backing hang tag, used to highlight the fibre and play with transparency, is made from recycled paper incorporating coffee processing waste. But the real challenge was to find a creative use for the raffia decoration in the patch. Emmetex overcame this challenge by developing a hand-woven decoration along with a patch made from food-grade filter cotton gauze, thus maintaining its responsible approach to the selection of backing materials. The combination of papyrus, recycled paper, raffia and organic cotton creates a unique three-dimensionality. The final result is a patch embroidered with mixed techniques, teaming the marked three-dimensionality of woven raffia with the high-definition created by the organic cotton embroidery.

This patch is not just a decoration but a real statement of the company’s commitment to sustainability, high quality craftsmanship and beautiful natural materials. Emmetex shows us once again that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand, creating unique items that tell a story about its commitment to a more responsible future in which natural beauty meets environmental conscience.

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