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New Fixing System

Fec*Serilabel was founded in 1990 by Giuseppe Facchinetti as a waistband label hot-forming specialist. The high product quality provided to customers and the positive feedback received from them drove the founder to invest in two other processing techniques: screen printing and high frequency printing. Thanks to these new developments, creativity came along in leaps and bounds: the most imaginative customer proposals and the possibility of creating them in the most varied types of materials (leather, faux leather, synthetics, PVC, jacron) resulted in on-trend, innovative products that could be customised in a virtually unlimited number of ways.

In the late ‘90s the explosion of sportswear led the company to explore a new type of product: relief embossing (also called rubber or silicone embossing). Using new machinery and material compliant with all standards, the company began working with rubber labels, pullers, insets, charms and much more. Adjustable reliefs and an infinite availability of colours resulted in hundreds of products being made using this technique. The company has continued its research in recent years, succeeding in developing two new techniques using metals, both of which are patented: vacuum application and Fec*Serilabel Fixing System, more widely known as heat-sealable metallurgy treatment. This new fixing system enables metallic and plastic details to be applied to fabrics, ensuring high tensile strength and wash resistance. 

This is a major innovation in the clothing world, as it makes it easier to apply logos and details whilst maintaining a high level of fixing quality. The specialisation and know-how built up over decades of collaborations enable the company to employ advanced and cutting-edge methods in projects requiring a marked craftsmanship touch. The company’s unceasing research into techniques and trends is a tool that is always available to the customers.

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