Lampo presents
Autumn/Winter 2024.25

Collection unveiled at latest edition of Milano Unica

Lampo by Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi, the leading manufacturer of zips for high-end clothing and accessories, is following the directions indicated by fashion forecasters for its Autumn/Winter 2024.25 collection. The focus will be on sharing, a sense of belonging and acceptance in order to generate a sort of ‘Community’ around the desire for newfound serenity and togetherness in both domestic and non-domestic settings. Lampo is conveying these themes in a rigorous, elegant collection in classic winter colours featuring ribbons with gloss or leather effects and discreet lurex details. 

The emphasis will be on highlighting that this collection’s zips add refinement and uniqueness to garments and that the ‘timeless’ materials used are made to last. What’s more, the entire collection is produced in compliance with the highest quality standards, with the possibility of using ribbons made from GRS certified yarns. Another fundamental project launched by Lampo (in collaboration with Istituto ITS Machina Lonati) provides support to vocational schools and young people, sharing its expertise through a programme of classroom-based lessons and visits to the company. 

This allows the designers of tomorrow to immerse themselves in the world of zips and see their own designs being made. This year, first-year students on the Technological Designer course challenged themselves in three categories: innovation, creativity and feasibility, presenting their zip design teamed with a women’s outfit, a men’s outfit and an accessory. The winners in each category were Azara Bara (innovation), Gaia Cioli (creativity) and Arianna Bergamin (feasibility).

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