Ramponi and sustainability:
an opportunity for growth

Sustainability Report and focus on ‘giving back’

In the knowledge that acting properly and thinking sustainably also has an effect on product quality, Ramponi has adopted a clear Corporate Social Responsibility policy based on the values of environmental protection, investment in human resources and transparency, and is turning its Sustainability Report and focus on ‘giving back’ into a competitive advantage.

Due to the type of production, eco-sustainability in particular is a fundamental value for Ramponi both for its production processes – already all certified under ISO 9001 and 18001 – and its finished product, and this is why it also aims to achieve ISO 14001 certification in 2023.

The company has long been committed in this area, using constantly monitored, low-energy machinery in its processes, sourcing its energy from 100% renewable energy providers and producing 22% of its own energy needs through 800 m2 of solar panels installed at its premises.

All plastic production waste is recycled/reused on-site or, if it cannot be handled internally, sold on to other companies for reuse as second-grade materials. The company uses fully recycled/recyclable packaging, while company vehicles have been renewed to comply with the latest environmental legislation.

Environmentally sustainable accessory lines, produced with PLA and other bioplastics or recycled nylon, have also been added to the catalogue, guaranteeing eco-friendly products without affecting quality.

Ramponi also monitors its suppliers in terms of the environmental impact of their activities and their commitment to comply with the Ramponi Code of Ethics, thus raising awareness across the supply chain and ensuring an end product that meets the highest standards in both quality and ethics.  

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