Riri: sustainability in details

Taking more steps on a green journey

Riri is the first company in the accessories sector to complete the transition to using solely recycled polyester in its zip ribbons. It’s another step on the crucial sustainability journey that the Italian-Swiss group embarked on in the ’90s. This important news is part of the group’s green approach, which has made forward-thinking innovation one of the pillars of its corporate strategy together with the commitment to protect natural resources and improve the traceability and transparency of materials and processes, within a wider framework of rethinking economic and social models.
Adopting recycled polyester as the standard in its zip range will make a significant contribution towards sustainability.

The company will cut emissions from buying polyester by 32% and all its recycled polyester will be GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard). “We are proud of this important step as it takes us closer to implementing the sustainability and cultural change we want to make in the development and improvement of our products,” says Renato Usoni, Riri Group CEO. “Our innovation is based on constant, meticulous research into low-impact materials, an approach we have used for years now, but which is now renewed and taking a significant step towards the future.”

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