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Face to face with Carlo Parisatto

What are the main steps you have taken towards sustainability?

The sustainability approach has been developed by Cadica over several years. In the last seasons Cadica dedicated an exclusive collection, ‘The Ethical Choice’, produced under the banner of responsibility and with an innovative design, based on eco-friendly materials from no-waste, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and organic. This is a targeted collection for unisex and no gender style that will reduce waste and samples, as fashion choses fluidity to promote sustainability.

What is your approach towards eco certifications?

Cadica continues to invest in terms of process and product sustainability also to obtain certifications that ensure its customers the commitment and seriousness behind each project. For years we have had active certifications such as ISO 9001, FSC, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Oekotex Leather Standard and we have always worked with GOTS, GRS certified materials. As for the social responsability, we have begun the BSCI certification process which should be completed within the year and  we have finally achieved the SA8000 certificate, a voluntary international standard for which companies seeking to be socially responsible must respect the principles set out therein, including the recognition or improvement of workers’ rights, working conditions and an effective management system.

How do you communicate your ‘green’ policies?

Cadica fixed a specific sustainable aim for each SDGs ONU Agenda 2030, the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Moreover, we try to suggest our customers and sector to choose the ethical way through recycling and reusing their wastes and choosing organic and biodegradablematerials. We collaborate with start-ups and platforms dedicated to the research of sustainable suppliers in all the supply chain, we joined the Tree-Nation project that will help the environment by planting new trees, we promote educational and training lessons in fashion schools dedicated to sustainability, we sustain local artisan to promote the social commitment.

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