Talking about sustainability
with Lampo by Lanfranchi

The green work in progress

In 2021 Lampo strengthened its commitment to sustainability by adopting a long-term approach based on the circular economy and energy transition. Production, which is fully integrated throughout the cycle, follows this vision: every machine complies with environmental, and occupational health and safety standards.

The following steps have been taken: hardware plant installed to reduce water consumption by 30% (35% less water discharged into the sewers); dyeing machines renewed to cut consumption of water (65%) and chemicals (55%); treatment of exhaust fumes according to BAT; photovoltaic panels for weaving, dyeing, hardware and Palazzolo sull’Oglio premises; compressed air system renewed; zamak die-cast to minimise greenhouse effect gases; modern heat insulation technologies installed in buildings; buildings without fibre cement roofing; heating systems with condensing boilers; low-energy lighting (LED).

Lampo is also focussing on ‘Reuse’, finding ways to make good use of its waste. These include internally reusing 60% of the nylon used in die-cast zips and recycling brass offcuts through third parties. Cutting scraps, casting risers and metal flash are sold to specialised operators for reuse, while weaving waste goes to weaving mills to produce dishcloths. When it comes to product, in addition to being Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and Traceability & Fashion certified for twenty years, GRS certified recycled polyester yarn has been acquired since January 2022 and the entire production cycle has been GRS certified since July.

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