Talking about sustainability
with Mainetti Italia

The green work in progress

To reduce its environmental impact and demonstrate its commitment to sustainability, the Mainetti Group is promoting the Full Circle – Decarbonisation and Circularity initiative. Solutions for mitigating climate change and involving its clients in the adoption of a new business model based on circularity. By encouraging reuse, Mainetti Group aims to gradually reduce the use of virgin plastic in its production by up to 40%. The materials, paper and fabric it uses come from renewable and sustainable sources. As long ago as 1986, Mainetti launched Hanger Loop, the only patented programme to reuse and recycle hangers, which reconditions and redistributes them to the countries and markets from which they came.

When it comes to flexible packaging, Mainetti prefers a holistic approach, recovering and recycling materials such as plastic. The Poly Loop system is a closed loop: polyethylene is fully recycled and made available for making new bags, shopping bags and pouches, avoiding the use of virgin plastic. In addition, its offering of eco-compatible materials is expanding to include compostables, 100% recycled polyethylene and the biopolymer M-film – all GRS, RCS and ISCC Plus certified.

Finally, the Paperform Hanger, a revolutionary accessory in 100% recycled paper and 100% recyclable, is a genuine solution that does not harm the environment and does not use up the planet’s already scarce resources, with an attractive and high-quality design.

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