Talking about sustainability
with Mainetti

The green work in progress

The new Mainetti collection focuses more closely on eco-sustainability and ethical production with the use of recycled materials, in a bid to reformulate a way of dressing that, whilst balancing waste reduction, does not give up on the modern aesthetic of quiet luxury. One example of this is the company’s use of GOTS certified cotton and FSC certified paper.

With its S/S 2025 collection, Mainetti proposes the Eighty-five line: for all verticals, hangers, flexible paper and textile packaging, labels and tags. It is dedicated to denim, the world’s most iconic and best-loved fabric, which is presented in the form of flock powder thanks to an innovative technology.

The process transforms pre-consumer denim or processing waste into flock powder, giving it a second life for creating highly original solutions. The powdered denim is used like ink and the logo is screen-printed onto almost all products. This rebirth involves clients returning their processing waste and old jeans so that new items can be made from them, thus participating in the creation of a virtuous circle. This process has many benefits: it is a winning strategy for cutting waste and adds value to every thread inside old denim. So it is not just a question of aesthetics.

Mainetti‘s circular process is a declaration of intent for the future of our planet. Every pair of jeans, every bit of waste transformed into a new item is a step towards a circular economy that makes use of our past, cuts waste and contributes towards a sustainable future.

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