The Green Book II:
ecological R(Evolution)

Sustainable progress in textiles and clothing

The Materials’ Green Book, the exclusive publication on sustainability in the B2B Fashion sector, grows and evolves in a new edition just released for the Autumn/Winter 2023.24 season. The second volume of the Zoom on Fashion Trends spin-off, which explores the best sustainable fabrics, leathers and textile accessories from Italian textile and clothing companies, continues its initial intention to feature prestigious contributions from sector professionals and interviews with some of the best-known brands on the Italian fashion scene.

Three questions for eco-sustainable fashion companies

What are the main steps textile companies have taken in recent years towards sustainability? How engaged are they in communicating their green policies? What burden does certification have on companies? These are the questions the materials encyclopaedia of Nuova Libra Editrice attempts to answer. We let the companies engaged in building a more conscious, respectful and transparent fashion, and their products, do the talking by featuring them in Zoom on Fashion Trends‘ signature compositions in the inspirational Green Book.

Francesca Rulli and Sergio Tamborini:
fashion & luxury respecting the environment

“The fashion industry is one of the most high-impact on the planet,” says Francesca Rulli, the founder and CEO of 4sustainability, the innovative framework that guarantees sustainability performance in the fashion & luxury supply chain. According to Sergio Tamborini, President of Sistema Moda Italia, companies need to “shift away from talking about how sustainable we are to actually measuring sustainability performance”. We will have to wait and see what the fashion production macrosystem does next, but in the meantime we can browse the pages of The Materials’ Green Book! 

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