Travelling Italy’s Silk Roads

New book by historian Maria Giuseppina Muzzarelli explains that all or almost all of Italy is woven in silk

This history of silk in Italy is full of creativity and experimentation, combining nature, technical skill, sacrifice and a love of beauty: the heart of “Made in Italy“. Maria Giuseppina Muzzarelli, who has taught Medieval History, History of Cities and Fashion History and Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna, reconstructs the long silk thread running from the 11th century through Southern, Central and Northern Italy, joining East and West, Byzantium and Palermo, Lucca and Genoa and Venice, and on to Bologna, Florence and Milan.

The journey along the Italian silk roads begins in the south, where silk arrived from Byzantium, after stopping in many cities on the long road from China. The art of silk is told through the brocades, velvets and veils worn in the courts and residences of Europe, making Italian silk production a source of excellence. The book, published in Italian by Il Mulino, gives a wonderful insight into the history of silk as a story of migration, trade, imitation, competition and collaboration. A history that, from whatever perspective you approach it, speaks to the beauty of the material.

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