Talking about sustainability
with Olimpias Fabrics Division

The green work in progress

Olimpias focuses closely on manufacturing sustainable fabrics, from both an environmental and a social point of view: its main commitment is to guarantee that its fabrics are made with full respect for the environment and workers’ rights. In addition to GOTS, OCS and GRS certifications covering its raw materials (cotton and recycled fibres), Olimpias also offers high-quality products guaranteed by REACH and Oeko-Tex® certifications, entirely made in Italy, with a particular focus on the territory where they are located.

The company is aware of the enormous impact the textile industry can have on the ecosystem and is committed to minimising it by using eco-compatible materials such as natural and certified fibres, which use fewer harmful chemicals during the production process. It also adopts low-impact production processes that help preserve natural resources and cut CO2 emissions. The company is also committed on the social side: Olimpias believes strongly in workers’ dignity and rights, and works exclusively with suppliers that comply with rigorous social accountability criteria.

To ensure the quality and safety of its fabrics, and to comply with EU laws, the company has obtained major certifications, including the aforementioned REACH – an EU regulation governing the registration and restriction of chemicals. These certifications demonstrate the company’s desire to offer high-quality, sustainable and safe products to its clients.

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