Talking about sustainability
with Olimpias Fabrics

The green work in progress

With the slogan “do more and better with less”, Olimpias Fabrics Division aims to tangibly improve the quality of life, increasing the benefits of economic activities by reducing the use of resources, degradation and pollution throughout the production cycle. Olimpias adopts a systematic and cooperative approach between active subjects throughout the supply chain in order to raise awareness of sustainability issues. In terms of water use Olimpias is upgrading its production systems, which will enable it to soon cut its water consumption by 15% from 70 L/kg to 60 L/kg.

As for energy use, Olimpias has installed a system to recover heat from waste water in order to minimise heat energy consumption in 2023. With regard to renewable energy, a 900 kW photovoltaic system producing clean energy has been operational since 2022. In terms of environmental impact, Olimpias has installed a boiler exhaust recovery system that conveys vapours to a water purifier to adjust the pH of the sludge, for lower carbon dioxide consumption that minimises waste and CO₂ emissions. Lastly, when it comes to sustainable materials, Olimpias uses organic and recycled cotton, Liberian fibres such as sustainably grown and processed linen and hemp, Modal and Tencel.

By adhering to ZDHC guidelines and widely using GOTS-certified products, the company is reducing its use of chemicals. The organisation describes itself as GLOCAL, meaning it safeguards and enhances its territory, respecting local identities and traditions with a global outlook.

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