Venere colours fabrics

Collaboration between food and textile industries produces new colours

Albini Next, the think tank set up by the Albini Group to design and promote innovative textile products, has launched a new project. Focusing on green efforts, it involves a new touch of colour being presented on the market, ready to dye sustainable fabrics. Created out of the partnership between Albini and Riso Gallo, both long-standing Italian brands, Off the Grain represents a step towards the future of sustainability in fabric dyeing. 

The process, currently being patented, will create a range of dyes from the water used at the Venere rice refinement plant. The Off the Grain project, therefore, is not just a new way for fashion businesses to transition towards greener practices; it is above all an example of symbiosis between companies, a manifesto on how Italian industriousness can also be applied to the broad social change we are currently facing.

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