Mainetti presents new
Paperform Hangers

An innovative sustainable concept

A world leader in the creation, manufacture and distribution of hangers and other clothing accessories, Mainetti provides its customers with innovative products by developing specific, customised projects for enhancing garments.

The new range, called Paperform Hangers, adds a sustainable, recyclable option to the offering on the global market.

These hangers are made from recycled and FSC-certified paper and have exceptional functional characteristics.

Jeffrey Hsu, Global Head – Hangers at Mainetti, says: “We are excited to present our Paperform Hanger range and proud to introduce these innovative and sustainable products onto the market. Paperform Hangers are the perfect combination of Mainetti design and sustainable material, creating fully recyclable products. In 1961 Mainetti introduced plastic hangers as an alternative to the traditional wooden ones. Today, we are honoured to offer our customers these hangers with innovative design and functionality.”

Mainetti Paperform Hangers are a further step on a long journey of innovation undertaken by the company: forty years ago the company introduced the hanger reuse and recycle system, becoming a leader in the sector. Today, Mainetti offers this innovative programme to all brands through its 30 Reuse and Recycle centres located around the world.

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