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The brands to watch for A/W 2024.25

The recent fashion and accessories shows reiterated, if it were necessary, that creativity knows no bounds and remains an inexhaustible source of emotional inspiration with a positive effect on us all. The Accessories Collections editing team explored the shoes, bags and accessories manufacturers ahead of their Autumn/Winter 2024.25 collections. The ideal occasion was Milan Fashion Week and the Micam and Mipel trade shows held last February, where Italian and international fashion businesses showcase their latest work and take advantage of global business opportunities. This special report looks at some of the many brands we think are worth watching for the next winter season.


A deafening silence fills the air when day turns to night. Fine sand dunes, rippled by the wind, reflect the colours of the moonlight. Surrounded by nothing, the gaze gets lost in the vast night sky. Millions of twinkling stars offer a mesmerising spectacle, illuminating the night with their rays of light and golden shadows. And this is precisely the name chosen by Amato Daniele for his Autumn/Winter 2024.25 collection. Taking its cue from the mysterious beauty of a starry night in the desert, the collection draws on timeless inspiration. The designer has captured the magical atmosphere and infinite vastness of the night sky, creating a coherent yet varied collection that is perfect for those wishing to stand out in style. Iconic pieces such as Queen Micro and Queen Mid are covered in black and navy velvet and embellished with embroidery, rhinestones and studs like so many constellations over the surfaces.


Leaving the ordinary behind, indulging in the pleasure of travelling towards the chilly, snow-capped landscapes of the North. Biagini embraces the experience, encapsulating it in the deepest and most instinctive sense of self. I escape and Ice escape are two of the plays on words in the A/W 2024.25 Icescape collection. Escaping to an unspoiled place that is cold yet cosy, a cocoon made to measure for you. The emotional story is inspired by the atmospheres of Arctic countries, where the bright colours of the aurora borealis mix with the light and shade of a night turning to day. This is where bright white and ice blue meet a palette of purple, crimson and green in its most intense shades.


Izsel believes that style comes first, regardless of the weather. These rainboots give women the confidence of being safe and in fashion as they go about their day, even when it is pouring down. Carefully crafted in Italy, every stitch, curve and finish is an ode to the brand’s obsession for detail. Made from high quality materials that guarantee durability and comfort for years to come, these boots feature a luxurious high-gloss finish that shines through any rainstorm. Available in Classico or Cristallo versions, these boots allow you not only to prepare for the weather but command it.


Ever since it was first set up, Map Italy Bags has always stood out with its trademark distinctive style. Its bags combine the quality of Made in Italy with a classic aesthetic, creating a refined and elegant look. Premium materials and craftmanship complete the image, culminating in a high-profile product with the right quality/price ratio. The core of the business is its leather, which is produced entirely in Italy and benefits from the Vicenza region’s renowned expertise in this sector. This is where the brand’s potential is best expressed, finding the right blend of tradition and innovation.


The luxury footwear brand inspired by night-time glamour is the vision of founder Andrea Minacapilli. With an economics degree from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, a background in marketing and a significant career in modelling, Andrea, alongside her husband Massimo, used to own successful night-time venues before setting up her own fashion brand in 2023. Minacapilli shoes empower daring, self-confident women with their intriguing and innovative designs, transporting them to an imaginative world and awakening our inner muse. Eternally glamorous and timeless in quality, they are made from the best materials by Italian craftspeople, embracing femininity in a unique way.


The noted Menorca-based accessories brand Pons Quintana employs a painstaking artisanal process to create its collections. From selecting top quality materials to weaving and assembling the various parts, every stage is carried out with care and attention to detail in order to offer premium, traditionally crafted footwear. This meticulousness is mirrored by ecological awareness, as the brand prioritises the responsible treatment of leather. Sustainable materials and ethical practices are used in the tanning process, minimising the environmental impact. Because style and sustainability go hand in hand.


Saint G is an iconic footwear brand synonymous with uncompromising quality and timeless elegance for luxurious fashion with a cosmopolitan spirit. Designed in Milan and handmade with care, Saint G aims to offer cutting-edge pieces to its discerning clients. Functional designs teamed with genuine leather and understated elegance mark the collection as a staple in the hearts of those who appreciate style and substance. Each Saint G piece is the end result of fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and an eye for the beauty and refinement of leather. These shoes are made with top quality materials by the best artisans in the world. They are then carefully waxed and polished by hand using natural creams and waxes, ermine brushes and tinsel cloths for a rich shine and extraordinary patina.


Thierry Rabotin, the visionary French designer who set up the brand alongside Giovanna Ceolini and Karl Schlecht, has always believed in the idea of transforming shoes into veritable travel companions, designed to offer unmatched comfort and uncompromising elegance. The A/W 2024.25 collection been developed to bring together all the brand’s distinguishing features: the California construction, the anatomically shaped removable insole made of orthopaedic polyurethane covered in high-quality full-grain leather, to ensure maximum wellbeing for the feet, and the Extralight© sole, in addition to an exclusive design that ensures maximum flexibility. Timeless elegance and a focus on quality materials and comfort continue to be the hallmarks of Thierry Rabotin, making every pair of shoes an authentic expression of distinctive style.


Footwear brand XTI and Kika Cerqueira, a rising star in the modelling world, both share qualities of elegance, refinement and grace. Fresh from the Paris shows, Kika has announced she is to be the collection’s ambassador. With her charm, radiance and luxurious style, she embodies the authenticity and natural sophistication that XTI aims to give all women with its shoes. The Spanish brand’s footwear blend urban style and refinement in a pair of functional sneakers, while comfort and elegance effortlessly come together in a sophisticated ankle boot. After all, this is what the brand is all about: daring to combine style, trends and innovation without sacrificing comfort. Its use of vegan materials also demonstrates its socio-environmental commitment to creating a versatile product that gives character to everyday steps.

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