BembergTM by Asahi Kasei under the spotlight with ‘A Dress for Venice’

A capsule collection created alongside Tiziano Guardini

Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei, the unique fibre made from cotton linters, will be the sustainable material used at the imminent edition of ‘A Dress for Venice’, the project launched by Venezia da Vivere in 2019. Due to be held in October 2023 during the A/W edition of Venice Fashion Week, ‘A Dress for Venice’ aims to celebrate Venice by connecting its thousand-year craftsmanship tradition with sustainability, fashion and art, enhancing the role of Venice as an eternal source of inspiration: with its ‘hidden treasures’, the city is a source of uniqueness, beauty and discreet luxury.

Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei reflects the same grace, elegance and preciousness, conquering the hearts of people around the world with a timeless passion. Bemberg™ by Asahi Kasei has always been a great example of the circular economy, as the fibre is made using a ‘closed loop’ production process that guarantees sustainability credentials through a transparent, traceable approach. Bemberg™ offers precious and versatile applications, ensuring comfort across the seasons: its ‘soft-touch’ is ideal for linings, outerwear and underwear, but also sport and, last but not least, haute couture. Koji Hamada, CEO of Asahi Kasei Fibers Italia, says: “Thanks to ‘A Dress For Venice’ we have the opportunity to once again express our commitment: sustainable materials can be used to create clothing that is fashionable as well as conscious. That is why it is fundamental to highlight the values of Bemberg™ to consumers in terms of ‘look&touch’, at the same time raising more awareness of its environmental and social values”. The 2023 edition of ‘A Dress for Venice’ will be joined by Tiziano Guardini, the noted designer awarded for his conscious approach to fashion, in collaboration with young artist and textile designer Jacopo Ascari, founder of Atelier Ascari. The fabrics to be used are supplied by two major Italian companies already known for using Bemberg™ fibres: Infinity and Tessitura Grisotto.

The print on the fabrics will be created by Creazioni Digitali, another Italian leading company specialised in digital and sublimation printing, which will use GreenDrop technology to considerably reduce water consumption. Tiziano Guardini, who has been involved with ‘A Dress for Venice’ since its first edition in 2019, will propose a dress made from 100% Bemberg™ fabrics, which will then be embellished with a special sustainable print designed by Jacopo Ascari. The creative duo’s outfit, representing a homage to the beauty of Venice, will make its debut in September at the Venice Film Festival alongside a mini-collection created in Bemberg™ materials. The collection will then be presented at Venice Fashion Week in October 2023, with the support of Camera Buyer Italia, Italy’s national association of the best multibrand stores in the luxury sector. ‘A Dress for Venice’ aims to promote sustainability and transparency across the supply chain and connects designers with the fashion industry thanks to the support of Tavolo Veneto della Moda, which represents Confartigianato, CNA, Confindustria, Confcommercio and Confesercenti in the Veneto region.

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