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presented at Première Vision Paris

Versatile and innovative, Naia™ fibres make sustainable style more accessible for brands and more inclusive for all

Sustainable style your way is the vision at the heart of the Naia™ philosophy,” explains Carolina Sister Cohn, Eastman global marketing leader for textiles. “Naia™ has a unique approach to sustainability that enables it to create innovative and superior quality cellulose acetates, from both flock fibre and continuous filament. These are not just made from nature but for nature, and are as sustainable as they are versatile and adaptable, for anyone, anywhere in the world.”

Visitors to the event could see, touch and feel what Naia™ fibres bring to over 250 fashion fabrics created for a number of applications, such as ready-to-wear, casualwear and knitwear. With Naia™, Eastman aims to build a future for fashion in which sustainable fabrics are the best and the simplest option. Naia™ Renew provides the perfect solution to one of the most crucial challenges in the sector: the development of large-scale circular processes. Made from 60% sustainable wood pulp and 40% certified waste material, Naia™ Renew can be used to make fabrics with the same exceptional quality as those made from traditional Naia™ fibres but with an approximately 35% lower carbon footprint and available on a large scale.

All Naia™ products are made safely and with a circular approach, which reuses and reintroduces solvents back into production, cutting water and carbon use across the entire process from tree to fibre, which is fully traceable and uses responsible forestry practices, sourcing trees from sustainably managed pine and eucalyptus forests. Naia™ is also certified as biodegradable and compostable by TÜV AUSTRIA. Naia™ fibres can be used on their own or blended with other yarns, offering an almost unlimited variety of compositions. Naia™ from continuous filament creates an extremely soft and pleasantly silky feel. It is hypoallergenic and ensures natural breathability and a fresh feel against the skin.  When made from flock fibre, it creates fabrics that stay soft for a long time, for more long-lasting comfort.

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