with Sebastián Torres Greene

Face to face with the Grupo Dante Sales Director

The Superzoom editing team met with Sebastián Torres Greene, the Sales Director at Grupo Dante, the leading Mexican footwear manufacturer for global brands and a key player on the fashion scene with its Dante brand, to discuss a number of issues.

Dante has always been known for its style combining the craftsmanship tradition and contemporary daring. Is that still the winning combination in your collections?

Yes, ever since we set up the brand seven years ago, we have always believed this combination is the key to our success. We have stayed relevant on the market by combining craftsmanship techniques with contemporary trends, creating timeless products with a focus on high quality.

Given that your brand is backed by a major industrial manufacturing group, what impact does the need to team style and technological development have on your collections?

It’s inevitably very important if not essential, in fact every season we constantly innovate and face challenges in order to come up with better product from collection to collection.

You took your collections to the latest fashion weeks in New York, Milan and Paris, and exhibited at the Micam trade show. Could this season be the turning-point for international recognition, what are your expansion plans?

Thanks to these events and trade shows, we have consolidated our presence on the main markets and signed an agreement with a distributor in Italy, so we will continue to attend these events in future seasons in a bid to increase the reputation of our homeland Mexico.

Dante is the first Mexican brand to have its own showroom in Europe, what markets in the Old Continent are you most interested in?

We want to expand our presence in key markets such as France, Spain, Germany and UK. These regions are recognised for their influence on fashion and their ability to lead trends.

Environmental sustainability is a buzzword for all global brands these days, what is your view of the subject?

At Dante we recognise the importance of environmental sustainability. We make 100% leather products and offer our clients a complete renewal package, whenever necessary, of the product purchased from us. This service not only prolongs the life of our products but also reduces the environmental impact and encourages reuse and responsible maintenance.

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