BrandOn Group on the rise

The digital company specialises in online sales

BrandOn Group is a digital company founded in 2012 by Paola Marzario to bring Made in Italy products to the main international marketplaces. Recording exponential growth over the last three years, BrandOn, based in Naples and Milan, is the go-to partner in Europe for driving online sales in a matter of weeks, rapidly activating all the processes needed to boost the visibility of brands, products and businesses on the most-visited online platforms.

The company ended 2020 with sales of over 32 million Euro, up 54% on the previous year with an EBITDA of over 1.7 million Euro (+70%) and net income of over 300 thousand Euro.

2020 has undoubtedly accelerated changes already under way in consumer buying habits and in businesses in all categories seeking out new sales channels. Despite this period of uncertainty, BrandOn has continued on the path it embarked on in recent years,” said Ilaria Tiezzi, CEO of BrandOn Group.

“Our goal is to enable brands to reach an increasing number of online platforms so that they can maximise revenue, reach new national and international audiences, and reduce the risks associated with concentrating sales on a single channel.” The sectors that recorded the highest growth in sales are Sport (+83%), Beauty and Cosmetics (+42%), but above all Healthcare (+148%), which already grew significantly in 2019 and further accelerated in 2020 as more suppliers and clients joined the platform. 

Books and Publishing is the sector with the fourth highest growth for BrandOn. And it is thanks to publishing that new markets outside Europe have opened up, particularly North America but also Japan and Canada. This intercontinental growth also looks set to continue throughout 2021 in the Far East and Latin America.

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