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New Punto Sostenibilità project launches

The non-profit foundation Fashion Research Italy, led by Cav. Alberto Masotti, is about to launch an ambitious project to spearhead sustainable change in the fashion system, which Zoom on Fashion Trends and Superzoom are proud to support as media partners.

The Bologna-based teaching, archiving and innovation hub is collecting into a single point in the heart of the country sustainable textile samples, fabrications, accessories and packaging from major Italian suppliers, with a view to setting up a physical and virtual showroom as a resource for garment-makers and designers.

Entitled Punto Sostenibilità (Sustainability Point), the project aims to become a reference point for makers of all sizes looking to embark on the now inevitable path towards green working practices.

A constellation of services will supplement the materials archive, including targeted consultancy from partners of proven experience and training for company personnel, providing solid support to the SMEs involved. In line with the developments of the pandemic, Punto Sostenibilità will be inaugurated in autumn to coincide with an exhibition that FRI Foundation is holding to highlight the rich textile design heritage in its archive (over 30,000 textile designs on paper and fabric) and its renewed commitment to sustainability.

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