Assocalzaturifici: Giovanna Ceolini confirmed as president

Priorities set to be internationalisation, training, sustainability and digitisation

Giovanna Ceolini has been confirmed as president of Assocalzaturifici, the industry association with over 450 members, until June 2027. “We have a lot of challenges ahead; we must respond to a difficult economic situation, in a geopolitical framework dominated by uncertainty, with initiatives and projects that support our companies on international markets,” says Ceolini. “Today, it is more important than ever to put the interests of the industry and therefore our association back at the centre. We can do this by going back to frank and constructive dialogue and cooperation. I will not be alone in this, but supported by a team of undoubtedly valuable professionals.”

These include the association’s vice presidents: Giuseppe Baiardo (Training and Orientation), Luisa Benigno (Business Culture and Productive Strategies), Giuseppe Camerlengo (International Affairs) and Valentino Fenni (Russia, CIS area and Made in Italy). Among the priorities the president must tackle between now and 2027 are internationalisation, consolidating mature markets and exploring new ones, training through collaborations with technical institutes and professional schools, and maximising the use of subcontractors known as CDMOs (contract development and manufacturing organizations) to boost the strength of Made in Italy businesses. Themes such as sustainability and digitisation are also key, as well as policies on trade shows focusing on Micam Milano, the leading worldwide fair for the footwear sector. Specifically, plans are in the pipeline to boost the Micam X area, with a particular focus on the content of seminars, future retail, marketing and events. 

Finally, VCS (Verified and Certified Steps) is the first sustainability certification mark in the footwear industry. The scheme encourages companies to adopt a comprehensive ESG strategy, working on internal processes, supply chain traceability, information gathering and organisation with a system of procedures for improvement and advancement against the most common parameters and international sustainability standards.

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