Milano Unica 38: developments
in sustainability trends

News from MU Sustainability Trends area

The next edition of Milano Unica (30-31 January and 1 February) will focus on the Sustainability Trends area, where every sample presented for Spring/Summer 2025 will have sustainable features. A QR code printed on the hang tag attached to every exhibited product will provide visitors with detailed information about each sample, such as composition, sustainability certifications and company commitments.

And that’s not all: the sustainability categories assigned by Milano Unica’s Technical Commission to each item will also be available. These categories aim to translate technical information into the universal values of environmental and social respect: action against climate change, chemical safety, preservation of biodiversity, circular economy and social justice. By injecting this wealth of information into the products on show at the event, Milano Unica is aiming to promote product sourcing based on intrinsic and aesthetic characteristics: the buyer identifies interesting fabrics and accessories, scans the QR code and immediately obtains all the useful sustainability-related information. What’s more, with the growing importance of sustainable products in mind, Milano Unica has also created a support service.

Buyers can go to the desk in the MU Sustainability Trends area to ask for more information on the samples that meet certain sustainability characteristics. The MU Sustainability Trends area will also host a new Milano Unica podcast, which will be discussing the Spring/Summer 2025 Trends with a view to providing a comprehensive snapshot of future collections.

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