February 2024 edition will focus on collaboration and reflection about the present

“We are working on making 2024 a year of rebalancing,” says Manuel Serrão, CEO of Associação Selectiva Moda, about the new edition of Modtissimo. The longest-running textile fair on the Iberian Peninsula will take place on 21 and 22 February at Exponor in Porto, aiming to shine a light on innovation and sustainability in Portuguese products. The organisers (ATP and ANIL) have announced the theme will be (In)Perfect, which they hope will encourage collaboration among all sub-sectors in the textile and clothing trade for the betterment of all.

The heads of the event promoters point out that less than a month from the start of the new edition of Modtissimo the exhibition space is almost fully booked, registrations continue to grow at pace and the numerous international applications mainly from European countries are a pleasant surprise, with excellent feedback also coming from Canada and the USA. Exponor‘s fifth hall will be divided into several sectors: Textiles and Accessories, Clothing for adults and children, Services. All this, plus a forum, showcase and talks such as the customary Trends Forum, which at the February edition will be a time for reflection about the present times we are all experiencing, a present that is increasingly in transit towards the virtual world but whose mechanisms and balances with the material world we are yet to come to grips with.

The Talk will be entitled ‘In Transition’. There will also be two days of networking for international buyers, and the hope is to exceed expectations this year too, following the last edition when over 5000 national buyers and just over 500 international buyers attended – 10% higher than the September 2022 edition.

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