Business training

Our approach to transformation

Be future-proof. Have the strategy, direction and decision-making strength to navigate these troubled waters. These days businesses in the textile and clothing sector have to work on many levels simultaneously: from product to processes, distribution to marketing, communication to automation.
Businesses need to be flexible and open, curious and dynamic at each of these levels.
But how can you learn this kind of thinking? Can it be done without being sterile and classroom-based? How can companies introduce learning and upskilling when, at times such as these, they are focusing on getting through a crisis?
In the last few months, our editing team has strengthened its business training programme and launched a series of webinars on relevant, engaging subjects aimed at conveying the idea that continuous business training is quite different from day-to-day operations.
Thanks to our Head, Heart, Hand approach, our programmes focus on the broader context (political and economic, social, ecological, technological and legal) and propose customised solutions.
Our key focus areas include widespread, systematised digitalisation, sustainability and transparency throughout production and distribution, the idea of fashion as a cultural and creative industry, and the growing idea of conscious, inclusive and responsible consumption.
These ideas have informed our webinars on Digital Marketing for Fashion and Corporate Storytelling and Social Media for Fashion, which are customised for leading companies in the Italian textile sector

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