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Weaving the future with digital thread

Launched last year, the Feel the Yarn platform moves forward by maximising parameters like functionality, ease of use, dynamism and maximum visibility for yarns. The declared intent is to become the best place to get the latest information on Italian yarns.

A modern, dynamic, user-friendly and highly visible space: a functional support for current requirements.

More than a web-magazine and corporate website, www.feeltheyarn.it meets the real needs of those around the world wishing to make quality knitwear, publishing not just the latest news from the sector but also providing a channel for promoting and showcasing collections, with a constant eye on the environmental themes of pollution and waste.

From its home page, visitors can go straight to the showrooms of every company to view their seasonal products and current inspirations.

In a fast-moving world – as Federico Gualtieri, Chairman of CPF (Consorzio Promozione Filati) has said – digital is the channel that companies must build into their strategy to approach the future in the best possible way. With this in mind and bolstered by the experience gained over the last year, Feel the Yarn has implemented its digital focus, placing 3 key concepts at the heart of the project: easy browsing, company-focus and dynamism. These three elements are essential to address worldwide paradigms and work modes, using a global approach to new opportunities of creative expression and expansion. Mobile devices are key to the approach.

Ease of use, user-friendly management and immediate search facilities are embedded in the site.

An immediate and simplified user experience is the ultimate goal here. One new feature on the portal is the Archive section, containing collections that have emerged over the years and aiming to be a voice for the Made in Italy culture that holds yarns in such high esteem. With its constantly changeable and living content, the site meets today’s need for rapid and ever new research.

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