Talking about sustainability
with Lanificio dell’Olivo

The green work in progress

Lanificio dell’Olivo takes a comprehensive and committed approach to sustainability. Integrating craftsmanship into industrial processes whilst focusing on the environment and wellbeing is no mean feat. The company’s commitment to using eco-compatible materials and eco-aware production processes not only reflects its ethics but also aligns with growing demands for sustainability from the fashion industry.

Its eighth annual sustainability report is a testament to its transparency and responsibility – two crucial aspects when it comes to corporate sustainability. In terms of ESG, all of its certifications have been confirmed and it has further developed its commitment to the 4sustainability® programme, implementing the 4s People pillar.

The company also conducted a very interesting survey into climate and wellbeing, which showed the high level of staff satisfaction with their work experience. The 4s Planet pillar was also activated, which involved collecting data on the company’s GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions and calculating its Carbon Footprint. With this exercise, the company decided to take the sustainability reporting process to a new level with some very representative key milestones such as the establishment of a Sustainability team, the training and the identification of stakeholders.

Returning to the sustainability report, it was prepared according to GRI reporting standards. The end goal and hope is that it is perceived as an increasing determination to respect the environment, the health of workers and consumers, and the ethical treatment of animals, through quality products and processes that involve the investment of significant resources.

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