Talking about sustainability
with Servizi e Seta

The green work in progress

A fundamental asset in the philosophy of Biella-based company Servizi e Seta is its precise, solid commitment to sustainability, in the deep conviction that the right balance between business and environmental protection is non-negotiable, not only for the quality of life of future generations but also for keeping company efficiency and competitiveness high.

Thanks to Process Factory, the consultancy firm that certifies sustainable processes and products, the company has introduced the protocols 4sustainability®MATERIALS, for socio-environmental impact, and 4sustainability®CHEM, to eliminate toxic and harmful chemicals in the supply chain.

This commitment involves 4 main points: research and development of a controlled and eco-sustainable supply chain, with the goal of improving the production process; ethical use of plant and animal fibres, with no harm to the animals (cruelty free) or the environment; reintroduction of waste into the production cycle within a circular economy; support for the local economy by protecting its culture from the risk of globalisation.

These strategies, processes and behaviours are borne out by the important certifications obtained, with which Servizi e Seta guarantees the high green standards of the yarns in its collection: Process Factory, Associazione Tessile e Salute – Health and Textile Project, Oeko-tex standard 100, European Flax, OCS – Organic Content Standard, GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard, GRS – Global Recycled Standard, RWS – Responsible Wool Standard.

All this provides further added value to the quality offered to clients and the services that distinguish the brand.

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