The Servizi e Seta collection
is the new frontier
in contemporary classic

The Spring/Summer 2025 season expands the offer

The Spring/Summer 2025 collection from Servizi e Seta expands the company’s offering with a vast selection of refined yarns, beginning with pure silk and including cotton, cashmere and viscose blends. Crêpe yarns embody a renewed vision, highlighting the distinctive characteristics of silk and offering a more contemporary vision of its classic yarns like Shappe and Opacum. This is thanks to an exclusive process with increased torsion that enhances the lightness and refinement both in the 100% silk and in the blends. With this process, Shacrepe silk becomes crisper whilst retaining a pleasant, fluid tactility. It is also available in a GOTS certified Bioberry Crepe version.

Tussah Anadita silk, made from a thicker crêpe raw material, feels rougher and looks more natural, acquiring the typical characteristic of more rustic silk. While Opacum silk, in the Crespum version with 100% GRS certified recycled silk, is the unmissable yarn for next spring/summer. Recognised for being versatile and seasonless, this yarn works wonderfully in spring and summer wear. Beautifully light and high-performing, it is a staple in menswear garments such as polo shirts, T-shirts and traditional knits. For more elegant, sophisticated pieces with the practicality of sporty and casual wear, Servizi e Seta proposes a number of silk and cotton compositions. One of the highlights is Alaska which, in its most informal version, is made with OCS certified organic cotton. Maine Crepe and Vermont Crepe are combed yarns in GOTS certified cotton and silk and in OCS certified silk and cotton. The two yarns are similar but feel completely different thanks to the different percentages of silk within them. The former contains more silk and is thus sleeker and more flowy, while the latter contains more cotton, making it more sporty, dynamic and naturally opaque with a more rugged feel. Femininity is guaranteed by the new crêpe versions of the classic Mustard and Rosemary, with high percentages of FSC certified Lenzing viscose

Servizi e Seta’s S/S 2025 also focuses on linen and blends with natural fibres: Crepolino is the new frontier in linen because it is available in various gauges for use throughout the summer, either in a plain version for elegant pieces or a melange for more rustic looks. Crêpe linen is highly wearable and pleasant, retaining its thermoregulatory properties but with a freshness provided by the new yarn’s structure, which completely eliminates slipperiness. Raipur in a blend with cotton and Kerala with viscose broaden the range of possibilities for using linen with more textured, fresh-feeling fabrics for looser, more feminine fits.

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