Drops of wellbeing

Presented by Gafforelli

A distant or close destination, a long holiday or a brief weekend trip. A place of pure relaxation where you can rest and be a little pampered. You are welcomed by a gilded hall bathed in warm sunlight filtering through large windows. The decor immerses you into the time and setting of a novel. Reality is unreal in this peaceful space where the scent of fragrant oils hangs in the air. From the walls to the smallest and seemingly most random object, everything is painstakingly placed to allow the eyes and the mind to relax. Sparkling aphrodisiacs accompany moments of pleasure as you bathe in scented foam or lie on a boat floating on the transparent veil of water. Shimmering smooth surfaces and liquid forms create important and discreet details in moments of wellbeing, like Gafforelli buttons that encapsulate a luxurious spirit and evoke the atmosphere of those little moments dedicated to ourselves. (Contenuto esclusivo per Superzoom)

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