corporate social accountability


An economic activity that creates a positive impact on people and the environment. B Corps, or B Corporations, are companies that are rewriting the way to do business. Present in 140 sectors and 60 countries, the B Corp movement has a single objective: to set a new, concrete and replicable business paradigm suited to our times.

Aimed at executive managers of Italian SMEs, brand owners wanting to improve their managerial skills, and fashion freelancers looking to fine-tune their skills in order to be ready to deliver company sustainability, the Corporate Social Accountability course gives you an introduction to the voluntary certifications and the new frontier represented by B Corps, which are becoming increasingly important in the contemporary textile/clothing sector.

The voluntary aspect of this area leaves companies free to choose which and how many objectives to pursue, depending on economic constraints and existing technology. This encourages sustainable growth, ethically accountable behaviour and the creation of lasting employment in the medium and long term, including through new corporate governance that must look to human and social capital and local communities as a form of sustainable investment. Businesses are required to take on a social role, to take account of the environmental impact and consequences of their activities, bearing in mind the economic and social effects on the surrounding environment.



Start a process of continual improvement in company performance

Increase the value of the business on the present and future market

Understand the importance of ethical business processes as a competitive lever

Drive balanced growth

Activate staff training programmes

Promote forms of professional self-control


  • Code of Ethics 

  • Corporate social accountability 

  • Social budget

  • Voluntary certifications

  • B Corps and Benefit Corporations


Mauro Maiocchi


Mauro Maiocchi

An economics and business graduate, he has worked for years as a consultant and tutor on the optimisation of business organisation, using reference models, statistical analysis and data mining.

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