Fashion Business Economic Development


How can a business operating in the fashion industry gain the planning tools to navigate new market trends that are increasingly turbulent, uncertain and random?

Attendees on the Fashion Business Economic Development course will get accustomed to moments of ‘interconnected’ analysis. By examining several variables simultaneously, their repercussions, and the various causes and effects of set goals, the course explains how to plan the growth of business competitiveness.

From analysing the scenario to market forecast analysis, introducing ad hoc statistical modelling and connecting it to the company’s development strategy, this course is designed for sales and marketing managers at Italian SMEs, brand owners looking to improve their managerial tools, and fashion freelancers looking to fine-tune their managerial skills in order to be ready to tackle the most competitive challenges.

The course provides an important tool towards reaching set goals, guaranteeing a high level of efficacy and efficiency, largely limiting the risks of poor decision-making, highlighting key factors that ensure a higher market share, stronger positioning and, ultimately, profitability.


Assess the market and its potential

Know how to analyse the demand curve

Get to know the tools for analysing relationships with customers

Separate your customers into homogeneous groups and create profiles

Study customer satisfaction models


  • PESTEL analysis

  • Market research

  • Customer Lifetime Value 

  • Price strategies

  • Pricing policies

  • Cluster Analysis and CRM

  • Economic development and project management


Mauro Maiocchi


Mauro Maiocchi

An economics and business graduate, he has worked for years as a consultant and tutor on the optimisation of business organisation, using reference models, statistical analysis and data mining.

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70 + vat

1.30 hour

The course is taught in Italian
on the Superzoom Academy

e-learning platform.


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