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Prosumers. Have you ever heard of them? We become prosumers when we use digital media to interact with creators, when we like a photo, leave a comment or respond to a poll on Instagram. Prosumers are producers and consumers of digital content on the web.

Fashion bloggers and online influencers capture the digital marketplace with an eye-catching idea, inspiration or key concept. They exploit new tech media to promote firstly their name and then a series of partner brands that invest in this type of communication.

Superzoom’s Influencers, ambassadors, testimonials: genesis, best practice and future scenarios course is designed in light of this scenario. To understand the evolution that has led from experts to “someone like me”, to understand how online communication has shifted in recent years towards highlighting and promoting an, at least apparent, democratisation of the sector.

In this course, you will gain an understanding of the world of influencer marketing from two points of view: on the influencer side, we will explore the many techniques used (physical attributes, writing skills, photography, graphics, videomaking, storytelling and much more) to be successful. On the brand side, you will understand how to correctly build a strategy using these levers and tools.

Aimed at those working in creativity, marketing and communication at Italian SMEs, brand owners looking to improve their communication tools, and fashion freelancers looking to fine-tune their knowledge of communication and culture in order to be ready to tackle the most competitive challenges, the course teaches you how to talk to your customers and how to promote yourself online, using personal branding effectively, and projecting an image of yourself


Understand how to integrate influencer marketing into your communications

Choose the right influencer and assess different approaches to storytelling

Influencer’s “to do lists”

Influencer’s “not to do lists”

How to build the correct synergy between influencer and brand

Disintermediation and platforms: the paradox of free access


  • Digital revolution: how new communicators arise

  • From fashion bloggers to influencers

  • What is disintermediation

  • Technique and numbers of online communication

  • Public relations 2.0


Giulia Rossi


Giulia Rossi

Giulia Rossi, a professional journalist, has degrees in Political Science from Bologna University and Philosophy from Roma Tre, and a doctorate in Communication and Social Research from Rome’s La Sapienza. She has taught Fashion Communication and Semiotics since 2013. She currently teaches at Rome’s La Sapienza, the European Design Institute in Rome and Florence, and John Cabot University. She has previous teaching experience at the University of Bologna, the Marangoni Institute in Milan, IAAD in Bologna, LUISS Business School in Rome and Polimoda in Florence. She has published the books Denim, una storia di cotone e di arte (Fashion Illustrated, 2010), Ricette per la vita in società (Pendragon, 2013), Fashion blogger, new dandy? Comunicare la moda online (Pendragon, 2015), Digital Fashion Media. Come è cambiato il modo di comunicare la moda (Nuova Cultura, 2018) and numerous articles on how fashion communication and journalism is affected by digital media.

Superzoom Academy courses teach you how to best tackle the future of business. Put together by fashion scholars and insiders with over twenty years’ experience at top Italian textile/clothing companies, Superzoom is the Academy for your future-proof training.


€ 60 + vat

2 hours

The course is taught in Italian
on the Superzoom Academy

e-learning platform.


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