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Recently, numerous brands have come together to make a virtual appeal based on new values, especially ethics and sustainability, also undoubtedly driven by the need to win back fearful customers reluctant to spend money during tough times. 

The fashion industry is facing landmark change. The New designers new approaches: case studies course provides practical examples of an area of fashion in which ethics and aesthetics are the distinguishing features. Focusing on internationally acclaimed upcoming designers who have adopted a new approach to making clothing, the course explains and analyses the most interesting aspects of the contemporary scene: from Zero Waste, which aims to reduce or eliminate the generation of textile waste through the product’s lifecycle, to giving textiles a second life through methods such as upcycling, thereby avoiding waste and disposal.

Aimed at those working in creativity, marketing and communication at Italian SMEs, brand owners wanting to implement real change, and fashion freelancers wanting to be more informed about recent developments in the design field, the course teaches you to better understand the values young and modern customers are interested in and on which they make their purchasing decisions. Making these changes brings enormous advantages for businesses, as well as responsibilities.


Imagine new contexts for growth and design

Embark on new production journeys

Create scenarios for consumers based on collaboration

Reflect on the environmental, social and cultural impact

Reshape collections and try to write a whole new future for the sector


  • Analysis of sustainability case studies

  • Zero Waste: new approaches to patterns

  • Upcycling: new life for materials


Rossella Piergallini


Rossella Piergallini

A visual artist who studied painting at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts, she has exhibited in solo and collective shows and her work can be found in private and permanent collections at Italian foundations and museums. A tutor at the Academy of Fine Arts since 1983, she has coordinated and organised exhibitions, and helped set up European projects and international exchanges. She has held seminars, conferences and workshops in Italy and abroad on art, the psychology of creativity, and fashion. She has taught Fashion Design at the Bologna Academy of Fine Arts since 2010, designed and organised events, themed fashion shows, competitions for startups and fruitful collaborations with fashion professionals.

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€ 50 + vat

30 minutes

The course is taught in Italian
on the Superzoom Academy

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