New routes of Made in Italy fashion


What will the new scenarios in Italian fashion be? And, above all, what challenges must fashion brands and SMEs face to overcome the crisis and be ready for the international changes taking place?

The New routes of Made in Italy fashion course provides answers to questions like these. Using journalistic analysis methods and techniques, the course gives an in-depth take on the present day. It covers how Italian fashion is looking to redesign its sustainability model – a strategic lever in the choices fashion businesses must make that involve not just product but the brand’s entire ecosystem.

Divided into episodes, the course will focus on new B Corporation models, on the interest in ethics and the environment from companies balancing benefit and profit. Also, new models of phygital (physical and digital) trade shows and fashion weeks to make businesses rethink how they present collections, with new ways of involving consumers. One section of the course covers the Made in Italy supply chain and the growing attention from international players towards small and medium enterprises, with interventions designed to protect them from the crisis and safeguard important Italian expertise built up over the years. In this scenario, there is an increasing use of blockchain technology to certify products but also new production aggregation models that are attracting interest from investment funds, ready to bet on fashion subcontractors to guarantee quality sourcing for international brands.

Finally, the course also looks at new models implemented in Italy’s fashion districts, which are increasingly integrated into the territory in a bid to boost sustainability and the circular economy and committed to meeting regulatory requirements on recycling waste materials. Precisely because they are unique in the world, these districts are also at the heart of new reshoring policies to shorten the supply chain and guarantee orders are met on time.

Aimed at those working in management, marketing and communication at Italian SMEs, brand owners wanting to accelerate change and navigate the latest news, and fashion freelancers looking to learn more about the latest phenomena, the course provides an organic understanding of the present-day fashion sector through analysis of phenomena and case studies.


Explore the sector organically by looking
at the present day

Understand the reach of some phenomena
and embrace them

Gain increasing awareness of the phenomena that consumers care about


  • Social sustainability

  • Environmental sustainability 

  • Economic sustainability

  • B-Corps

  • “Phygital” trade shows and fashion weeks

  • Blockchain technology

  • Reshoring to shorten the supply chain

  • Italian fashion districts


Matteo Minà


Matteo Minà

Matteo Minà is a professional journalist, tutor and fashion expert. Passionate about the sector, he built up his knowledge first at the Polimoda International Institute in Florence and later at the University of Bologna with a degree in costume and fashion culture and techniques. After ten years working as a sales and retail manager for luxury brands, he has chosen to write and speak about fashion in newspapers, periodicals, online and on the radio. He is the co-author of Il Galateo del Terzo Millennio (Guido Tommasi Editore).

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