Ready-Made – The new normal


Considered as lacking creativity and innovation in the upper echelons of fashion and sometimes labelled as the forerunner for the polluting fast fashion model, ready-made fashion accounts for many of Italy’s textile businesses and represents an industrial and manufacturing phenomenon that increasingly needs to be investigated with greater clarity and interest. In its new course, Ready-Made – The new normal, the Superzoom Academy aims to shed light on this very Italian phenomenon, which has marked out the identity of many small and medium sized clothing companies.

The roots, contextualization, new challenges relating to the characteristics of the contemporary market and new buying habits: these are the topics addressed on the course with a view to outlining the physiognomy of the most up-to-date clothing companies.

The Italian model of Ready-Made fashion contains many contemporary manufacturing and presentation trends: from increasingly complex and autonomous fashion calendars to the classic seasonal concept multiplied by “flash” and “capsule” collections. But while its ability to be ahead of its time is undeniable, it’s equally undeniable that it now needs an update, especially when it comes to communication and distribution.

Dedicated to all those working in the clothing sector, to clothing brand owners wishing to adapt their business model to the latest developments, to freelancers looking to learn more about a phenomena whose potential is still largely unexplored, to those working in the textile supply chain wishing to better understand their customers’ requirements, and to distributors and retailers looking to inject innovation into the links between physical and digital.

The goal is to gain a better understanding of the Ready-Made system that cuts lead times, does not lead to a glut in production, and is not associated with throwaway fashion. Also, to identify its sustainable potential and better target the corresponding customers.


Understand the difference between fast fashion and Ready-Made business models

Identify its strengths in terms of eco-sustainability

Remove any prejudice against this mode of production and its low creativity and innovation

Renew and update the model in light of new buying habits and customer retention methods


  • Framework: the segments into which the fashion system is divided

  • Tomorrow’s keywords: how to make a system and create new synergy

  • New responses to new questions: identify new customers of Ready-Made

  • The new normal: phygital approaches

  • The society of experiences

  • Looking forward


Roberto Corbelli


Roberto Corbelli

He was born in his grandmother’s tailoring shop. The creator and art director of RMI RICERCAMODAINNOVAZIONE at CNA Federmoda, which has collaborated with noted designers and brands such as: Alberta Ferretti, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood, Elio Fiorucci, Antonio Marras, Maurizio Galante and Max Mara. A researcher of socio-cultural market shifts, he has given speeches at trade shows, universities and events around the world from Shanghai Fashion Week to the University of Lima, from Moda Italia Tokyo to We Love Moda in Italy Toronto, to name but a few. In 2018 he curated the 5 Italian exhibition areas at the China International Import Expo for ITA – Italian Trade Agency. A fashion talent scout for the Hidden Gems project organised by ITA – Italian Trade Agency, in collaboration with Yoox, Ali Baba and Gilt. Since 2016 he has chaired Moda in Italy – the consortium for the internationalisation of fashion companies, based in Bologna.

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