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From advertising campaigns by big fast fashion brands claiming to be the new champions of sustainability and the green economy to posting a black square on Instagram as an expression of solidarity with global anti-racist struggles, the fashion sector seems to have been changed – like many others in society – by a massive revolution in content, image, habits and practices.

But is that actually the case? Or are these just instances of virtue signalling, i.e. publicly expressing support for the “latest fad” with no real change behind them?

In the Sustainability and inclusivity in marketing and representation course, you will discover how essential these two terms are in understanding the present and taking action for the future. You will explore the confusion around the actual meaning of inclusivity and sustainability, despite their widespread use, thus avoiding mistakes that can quickly backfire and prove counterproductive for business.

Aimed at those working in creativity, marketing and communication at Italian SMEs, brand owners wanting to implement real change, and fashion freelancers looking to fine-tune their knowledge of communication and marketing in order to be ready to tackle the most competitive challenges, the course teaches you to better understand the values young and modern customers are interested in and on which they make their purchasing decisions. Making these changes brings enormous advantages for businesses, as well as responsibilities.


Understand the practices and policies of inclusivity

Inclusivity and diversity: beware of confusion

How to include varied subjectivities in my communication

How to expand my image in the light of society that is already multicultural and diverse 

How to plot a path towards equality of work and decision-making

Going beyond the environment, how to tackle all aspects of sustainability: from economic to social


  • Diversity, equality, inclusion

  • Ethnic and racial inclusivity

  • Inclusivity of gender and LGBT+

  • Inclusivity of bodies and disabilities

  • Environmental, social, economic sustainability

  • Greenwashing, pinkwashing, blackwashing traps

  • Belonging and community

  • Creatives of Color


Lucia Tralli


Lucia Tralli

A scholar of grassroots practices of online audio-visual aggregation, socialisation and production, with a particular focus on the interconnections between media studies and gender studies. She is also interested in issues of intersectionality in contemporary media representation, with a particular focus on inclusivity in Italy.  She gained a research doctorate from the University of Bologna in 2014 with a thesis on the practices of audio-visual reuse and fandom in women. She is currently Adjunct Professor at the American University of Rome, where she teaches Visual Culture, Cultural Studies, Media and Gender, Celebrity Culture, Media and Activism and Gender in International Relations. She has worked for years with the National Archive of Family Film – Home Movies Association in Bologna and coordinates activities and projects aimed at protecting film and archive heritage. In 2020 she directed the archive documentary Nella buona e nella cattiva sorte. Conversazioni con Sara, produced by Home Movies.

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