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I grow, therefore I am. Destined to generate new leaves                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Patrick Blanc, Le bonheur d’être plante

This is a story of trees: strong, lush, wise, tough or frivolous, changeable, fragile. Autonomous beings finally capable of expressing their nature, free from human interference. We wondered: what would plants do if people did not exist and what would they say if we could understand their language? We have imagined them together in the forest, singing and dancing as though in a fairy tale, listening to the breeze flowing through their leaves, smelling the wet earth around their roots and touching the soft musk growing on their bark. By magic they’re alive, if not kicking, they chat to each other whispering ancient secrets. We see them gently bend, touching and embracing one another. We glimpse their eyes and faces in the knotty trunks, their limbs in the tangled branches. Each one is different, each one has its own incomparable nature. Here the ancient oak, patient and reflective, the stubborn cedar, the fickle poplar. Here the courageous tamarisk, the grumpy hawthorn, the shy, introverted juniper. Each in its own way does not merely survive but live and inhabit its ideal place, filling it with its moods, animating it with its sounds, inebriating it with its fragrances. In a dynamic balance with other plants and all leaving creatures, each has its own space, stubbornly earned over years of living together. Because plants are not in a hurry, their time is slow, the rhythm always the same, marked by the hours and the seasons. Their irregular growth conditioned by the climate and by events. Snow, ice, wind, lightning and drought are their caring companions, the hands that shape their body and soul, year after year.

Research: Anna Maroncelli for Autumn/Winter 2023/24 season.

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