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Those wishing to embark on their fashion design journey or simply refresh their technical knowledge. This innovative method explores all the stages of design learning, providing the skills involved in a series of professional roles: Fashion Illustrator, Pattern Maker, Sample Maker, and Fashion Designer. Our digital platform is packed with content that can be accessed as a single solution or in individual sections.


  • FASHION ILLUSTRATOR The person who copies the completed sample garment from the mannequin so that all the technical sheets can be completed.
  • PATTERN MAKER The person who creates the pattern for cutting out the garment. He or she works alongside the prototypist to turn a sketch or illustration into an actual garment.
  • SAMPLE MAKER The person who turns the basic ‘inspected’ pattern, i.e. one that has been corrected and declared valid for production, into patterns applicable to all sizes.
  • FASHION DESIGNER An industrial designer. After researching trends, raw materials, accessories and the like, the designer designs conceptual individual garments or a coordinated series of pieces, i.e. a collection.


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