Mainetti presents its
Spring/Summer 2024 collection

Six proposals all focusing on colour

The desire for certainty in precarious times creates the urgent need to find free interpretations in a space outside the confines of the mind and of fear, to intercept signals that multiply and add dynamism to a future that we want to be filled with hope and positive change. Mainetti’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection moves in this direction: it offers solutions for change, imagination and creativity, beginning with its use of materials, which are all low impact, recyclable and durable. The collection features six themes that all focus on colour as a way of injecting good and positive feelings and expressing moods that target optimism.


#Trompeloeil – a line for sportswear that encourages free time, outdoor living, walks, bike rides, and camping under the stars. The practicality required for this kind of clothing calls for thin silicone labels in opaque colours with minute handy features, such as the tiny magnet that loops the two ends of the label together or the hang tag featuring lettering and logos. Ribbons for trimming trousers, jackets or backpacks are jacquard, sublimation printed and card-shaped objects are designed to contain NFC devices. The evolution of the paperform hanger, in special FSC paper, customisable with spray gun-effect colour, presents the line’s logo as the hook. The logo is also visible in the cardboard boxes, which, due to the partial shaping of the different-coloured lid, create a highly original and striking trompe l’oeil visual effect.


#Balloon – a purely graphic line, where the curved and rounded lines recall the fleeting movement of ‘80s Bolidism or the world of comics and balloons. Colour is decisive here: red, green, orange, electric blue and black are saturated, thick and full. Alternating the glossy and opaque print creates the effect of movement. Labels are 3D and rubbery, buttons are in micro-injected rubber, bands to be stitched on to emphasise the style of a jacket or trousers are bold and conspicuous. Colour finds expression in the customisable hangers with contrasting paint, such as the vinyl-painted rubber tips. The FSC cardboard boxes with different-shaped 90° corners are printed with generous and colourful, curved lines.


#Clearskysportswear and casualwear meet in this genderless line, featuring pastel tones and shaded almost undefined colours with a nod to ‘50s posters and sports such as tennis, yoga and golf practised for pleasure and which do not require technical solutions to enhance performance. This line is imbued with a sense of wellbeing and a focus on selfcare. The original knitted labels, a legacy of the Carpi district where one of Mainetti‘s facilities is based, are made with recycled polyester yarn for application onto jackets and bombers depending on shape and size; or to decorate skirts and embellish trousers or sweaters. The seemingly less defined aspect of the pixel is the distinguishing feature, which is also found on gadgets like knitted key rings and bracelets with cotton thread and embroidered lettering.


#Minimal – the minimalist design of this casual line embodies the search for a sophisticated, timeless and original style that goes beyond the concept of gender. In pale blue and white, the style is interpreted not only in garments to be embellished with discreet labels in pure recycled and certified cotton, but also on paper hang tags with wood embossing and raised lettering hung on a real rope for a perfect navy wardrobe. The colour scheme revolves around cream, sky blue and white. The only bold colour comes in the form of a dash of red, which highlights the overall effect by cutting through the gentle harmony. The cream and blue jacquard cotton bands are robust, with quilted lettering in tone on tone and contrasting effects. The recyclable materials are in faux leather, with embroidered cotton insets embellished with lettering or logos.


#Trik – designed for skateboarders, and not just amateurs, the frontier denim line interprets sport as a lifestyle. Being a top-to-toe skater capable of acrobatics means choosing comfortable but above all waste-free clothing. So, labels in recycled micro-injected silicone rubber feature tiny coloured specks, which are a sign that leftover rubber labels have been re-injected and reused. The rubber label is a new product. The recycled paper hang tags with worn edges, made using the waterjet-cutting technique, offer a similar style. The uneven edges mirror the irregularity running throughout the line, reflecting the urban, youthful, street style mood of denim.


#Monozukuri – Monozukuri is a Japanese term consisting of ‘mono’, meaning things, and zukuri, meaning ‘to make’ or ‘produce’. This Japanese word is used to refer to craftsmanship with a deeper focus on design and aesthetic. The hang tags and labels of all shapes are reworkings, all-new reconstructions, a never-before-seen imagery of everyday garments whose character and meaning have been reformed. An expansion of the horizons of normality, stitched together by a red embroidered cotton thread or by cream-coloured silicone bands that seal the meeting of materials and bring tradition and experimentation together in pleasant harmony.

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