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Face to face with Federica Tersch Annovazzi

What are the main steps you have taken towards sustainability?

We are pioneers in the field of sustainable products and green certifications. In 2017 we converted our entire production of stretch lace to an elastomer containing a high quantity of pre-consumer recycled raw material. After that we introduced pre-consumer recycled polyamide and in 2018 the company obtained GRS certification for the supply chain of its Green Label sustainable products. This Iluna range introduces a new responsible approach to the planet and people, and is able to combine innovation, aesthetics and quality across the board. The line features products made from GRS certified recycled materials, including the unique ROICA™ sustainable yarns, which are part of the ROICA™ Eco-Smart family. In 2018 Green Label production made up just over 3% of total Iluna Group output; in 2021 the figure has risen to 52%. Since 2016 we have produced 7.5 million metres of Green Label flounce using 92,810 kg of GRS certified recycled polyamide, which has saved 1.5 million litres of water. The company is also SteP and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

What is your approach towards eco certifications?

Certainly, greater uniformity would save considerable resources, which we could then deploy in the development of sustainability and energy saving initiatives. We hope that a single certification for sustainable products will be introduced in the future as well as environmental policies aimed at safeguarding the environment.

How do you communicate your ‘green’ policies?

We have an e-commerce website where you can see the Green Label collection as well as our other products. Our Instagram and Facebook pages are constantly updated with the latest green news, but the best kind of marketing is done by our collections: when it comes to our commitment to the environment, there is no better way than letting the products do the talking.

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