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Face to face with Giorgia Aceti

What are the main steps you have taken towards sustainability?

A couple of years ago, Myzip launched a micro-collection called ‘green’, which this year has been renamed ‘new generation’. It is entirely dedicated to sustainable materials such as recycled chains and ribbons and galvanic free elements. Since last year, our company has also supported the Biorfarm project – an association that plants and cultivates fruit trees throughout Italy to help offset CO2 emissions. In our day-to-day work, every desk at our company has recycling bins and bags, which are also made from recycled material, and our coffee machines and water coolers all have recycled paper stirrers and cups.

What is your approach towards eco certifications?

Our approach to certifications is very positive. Since the product Myzip supplies must be first and foremost functional and high quality, we feel it is essential to obtain eco certifications, such as Oeko Tex, which is renewed every year. However, we do feel there are too many similar certifications and that is why it would be a good idea to establish certain degrees of importance and levels of feasibility in achieving each one (which is by no means easy).

How do you communicate your ‘green’ policies?

We constantly market our policies on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. We publish content about our green policies on a daily and weekly basis and the Myzip website is organised in such a way that potential clients visiting our homepage for the first time immediately see that we are a sustainable company that believes in pushing this ecological commitment.

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