Talking about sustainability
with Lanfranchi

The green work in progress

Not just green products. With a broad-ranging, strategic plan, Lampo is committed to creating and sharing a long-term vision that encompasses people, territory and services. In 2021 Lampo strengthened its commitment to sustainability as the key driver of its philosophy. 

All its production sites are solar powered with an overall capacity of more than 1 million kWh covering 30% of Lampo‘s energy consumption, which is equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 674 ton/year, 60,861 m2 of forest protected and 630 households. Lampo‘s industrial practices, which we now label as sustainable, have already been cutting waste and recycling for decades. Cutting scraps, casting risers and metal flash have been sold to specialised operators for reuse as raw material for years. And the production cycles of metals such as steel, zamak and brass are made up of 85%, 60% and 50% secondary raw material (recycled) respectively. 

What’s more, the palladium and gold used in hardware substrates are 100% recycled, and the copper used is 40% recycled. The risers used for die-cast zips are normally reused in Lampo‘s production cycle. In addition, with the help of new technologies, the hardware plant has doubled its production capacity whilst reducing water consumption by 30% and discharging 35% less water into the sewers (water that is analysed every year according to the Greenpeace Detox protocol). 

Finally, its dyeing machinery has been renewed in recent years, cutting water consumption by 65%, chemicals by 55%, cycle time by 10%, steam consumption by 50% and wastewater by 65%.

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